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Optimum Body Sports Massage is a business owned by Adele Fowler, MSMA, who is a fully qualified Clinical Sport and Remedial Massage Therapist, RockDoc and Gym instructor, located on the outskirts of central Oxford.

I have the best job in the world!

I have the best job in the world!
I have the best job in the world! I REALLY do! Why? Because I know that with my skills and expertise, I can make a significant difference to your physical and mental wellbeing, but also give you that edge when you need it.
Who am I?
I’m a level 5 soft tissue therapist, or some people called me a sports massage therapist (it’s fine, I answer to both!). I’m highly qualified and proudly associated with the Sports Massage Association (only level 4 and above can get affiliated with the SMA). I’m also a gym instructor and a kinesiology taping RockDoc....all very fancy, but the bottom line is that I’m an expert in reducing pain, stress and dealing with injuries to help you get back to LIVING.
Too many people struggle and suffer with aches and pains...
And they hope that things will get better eventually, or just put it down as a sign of getting old. It’s such a shame as I know that aches and pains can often be swiftly and easily resolved, so you can get back to living and enjoying life!
So what’s so special about me and my job?
Often people come to my clinic in pain - they have either hurt themselves, got injured, stressed, struggling to sleep, or all of the above! I will try and find out what has happened, and assess the area and the pain. I will then talk through how I will treat them. The techniques I use are current, effective and powerful and a vast number of my clients feel a significant improvement instantly....and even better after the have recoved from the treatment 48hours later!
This is why I have the best job!
Clients who were once struggling with pain, and suddenly, after a treatment, they are often feeling so much better! So, technically it’s not a superpower, BUT I know that I can change things for the BETTER!
If you would like to know more about the therapy I provide, and find out if it would be beneficial to you or a friend, please message me to arrange a free and confidential consultation OR jump onto my Facebook page (links at the bottom of the page) where you will find lots and lots of useful tips and hints!