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Optimum Body Sports Massage is a business owned by Adele Fowler, MSMA, who is a fully qualified Clinical Sport and Remedial Massage Therapist, RockDoc and Gym instructor, located on the outskirts of central Oxford.

STOP! You could get varicose veins!

STOP! You could get varicose veins!

Foam rolling is really benefical to help soothe aching muscles after training, as it increases blood flow to the area, and is like DIY massage to help relieve tension.

Do you use a foam roller as part of your training regime?

Yes? Are you sure you are using it correctly?

The chances are you are probably not! I'm often shocked at how many people not using a foam roller correctly, or even worse, demonstrated how to use one by a personal trainer incorrectly.

So what is the correct way to use a foam roller?

So firstly you should always roll towards the heart, starting at the bottom of the muscle. Then slowly, with a gentle amount of pressure, start rolling slowly up toward the top of the muscle. The reason why is because veins are designed to only allow blood to pump in one direction. If you roll by applying pressure both up and down, you will encorouage a vein to rupture could get varicose viens. I'm sure you agree, that nobody wants them, so make sure you are rolling correctly!

Secondly, make sure you are rolling slowly over the muscle, and not just focusing on one section of the muscle, as you could be causing more damage.

Finally, don't press too hard. Listen to you body, and apply gentle pressue. Like when I am massaging, less is more, and you want it to be soothing, not even more painful than when you started!

So next time you are foam rolling, or you have decided to give it ago, please make sure you follow my advice, yes, I know it is a bit fiddley, but it's so much better in the long run, and your body will thank you!

Happy rolling!