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I had been suffering with lower back pain and a sore hip for several months. Standing up for any length of time was very uncomfortable, and I had stopped playing tennis. After only two sessions with Adele I was pain free and able to move quite freely. I now visit Adele regularly (every 3 or 4 weeks) and as a result have remained much more mobile. I cannot recommend the treatment highly enough.

John F.

I went to see Adele as I was having lower back problems (sciatica) and I wanted to be able to take part in a triathlon without pain! I was having on-going problems with my achilles tendon. I completed the Traithlon without pain and was much better prepared. Adele was able to advice how to look after my injuries and have a better understanding why I was experiencing back problems. Her treatments are done with a lot of thought and understanding of how the body and mind works. I felt extremely supported by Adele. In my opinion it helps when the therapist understands you, understands why you are doing sports and is able to treat you with your training in mind.

Marlies J.

Adele has been excellent at treating the Oxford Lightweight Rowing Club throughout the 2014-2015 season, helping with injury prevention through soft tissue therapy. She has a real compassion and empathy with the athletes, has been very generous and flexible with her time and has been an incredible asset to the team.

Joanna GreenCaptain, OUWLRC (Captain, OUWLRC)

Adele has been treating me to help me deal with a busy life and job whilst living with the longterm effects of fibromyalgia and arthritis. Her approach to treating the accumulated tensions and stiffnesses from years of ‘just coping’ and painkillers is brilliant, working on whichever part needs the most assistance. All done with lively conversation and good humour. It’s a real treat and I’d recommend her highly.

Laura D.

I have aggressive nerve damage in my legs and found fantastic relief from Adele and her techniques. Her ability to help with muscle stimulation greatly improved my mobility. Would recommend her to anyone who suffers with mobility issues.

Kevin W.

Adele provides pre/post and pitch side support at Littlemore Rugby Club. There are a mix of ages and injuries within the team, and she has been able to help ensure that players fully prepared with stretching and taping beforehand, aswell as treating injuries pitchside and post match. She has demonstrated effective therapy in challenging environments, and she is a big asset to the Club.

Darren Massey (Captain 2015-2016 Littlemore RFC)

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