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Neuromuscular Re-education

Neuromuscular Re-education (NMR) is a highly effective method for reducing scar tissue which increases flexibility and range of motion to joints. I am fortunate enough to have been personally taught this effective technique by Dr Peter J. Levy, who has perfected it to what it is today. NMR techniques can treat issues across the whole body, and I will often use this technique along with the others to provide a truly individual treatment for each and every client.

The technique focuses on the soft tissue of the body. It breaks down adhesions, scar tissue and joint restriction. As scar tissue forms, it limits the muscle. NMR can provide fast and effective pain relief, and when you are ready I can prescribe exercises to help get strength back into the area to help you back to recovery. Expertly done, this technique can be uncomfortable; however the pain relief is fast and in most cases, immediate.

I have personally benefited from fantastic technique, so If you would like to find out whether this fabulous technique would be of benefit to you please contact me for a free consultation.

Adele's knowledge and expertise was evident throughout my treatment. She worked through my back and shoulders using NMR. She explained what she was doing and checking I was ok throughout the treatment. The results were immediate- the pain had lessoned and my range of movement had improved. I will definitely be visiting Adele again.

Emma J.

My body feels amazing today and no soreness anywhere. You are a genius.

Sarah F.

Picture below of me with Dr. Peter Levy from the USA who conducts NMR Seminars.

Adele Fowler and Dr. Peter Levy

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